Eating Verse

You must throw yourself upon it like a sword
of air and secret fire, and die
for a while, more rapidly.

You must launch yourself into the approaching wave
and incorporate into the ocean.
Your gut must be the fireblanket

for the detonating word, your eyes the wells
into which God drops
the reflected moon.


"Plum Island Moon" © TJ Edson

“Plum Island Moon” © TJ Edson


Ellen Adair Glassie is the author of Curtain Speech (Pen & Anvil, 2015). Her poetry has been published in Clarion, Poetry Northeast, and Cyphers. An actor, she has appeared in numerous professional theatrical productions and films, and on television programs including The Slap, Veep, Nurse Jackie, As the World Turns, and Brotherhood. She lives in New York City.

TJ Edson is the Art Director of Oddball Magazine and a volunteer at the Out of The Blue Art Gallery. He has also had work appear recently in Boston Compass.