Illustration © Geoffrey Fallon


No knock
black lives
blue lies
a viral revolution
pandemic economics
paying a corpulent bull god
conspiracies become mainstream
hang on every tabloid truth
of the nefarious Wall Street
reality television star
bat boy for president
malfeasance glorified
corrosion of democracy
is an inside job
weaponize suburbia
make genocide great again
American macabre
the new nuclear family
ammo-sexual white pride
drain the cesspool
with a doomsday clock
around his neck
like a fascist flavor flav
this country isn’t like Jeffrey’s brothel
and this is no way for a president to behave

Eddie Brophy is a poet, author, and blogger from Massachusetts. He holds a B.A. and M.A. in English and Creative Writing. His previous writing credits include poems in The Poet’s Haven Digest, Better Than Starbucks, Ghost City Press, and Terror House Magazine. His short-short story “The B.K.R. Killer,” can be read on Haunted MTL. His debut novel Nothing to Get Nostalgic About, is available now on Amazon and wherever you get your books.

Geoffrey Fallon is a writer and cartoonist. His comic “The Secrets of Skinny People” runs every Monday at Oddball Magazine.