Artwork © Eric N. Peterson


God at the Thrift Store

god I met You
at the thrift store
You were wearing
a dress that shimmered

Your hips slid beneath
the fabric like the sky
sliding behind clouds
You took it off

handed it to me still warm
and said Give it to her,
meaning my wife, who
never owned a dress before

You said I think this will
look good on her
and You were right
she emerged

from the dressing room
shy goddess in sequins
my wife in Your gown, You
wearing my wife:

her skin, her hands
she looked good on You
the word trans came down
like a dove, like a wafer

she took it on her tongue
became You for a moment
and remembered
how beautiful She is.


E. D. Watson’s poetry has won awards and has been published some pretty cool places. They’re a certified yoga teacher and therapeutic writing guide. Her poetry and yoga workshops are designed to release held language from the body to enhance healing and self-knowledge. Their other gig is at a public library, as a night clerk. Today’s poem concerns their experiences as a nonbinary person, along with the experience of their wife’s transition.

Eric N. Peterson is from Atlanta, Ga. He’s been drawing cartoons all his life. He leans towards the absurd, imaginative, and the surreal, as that’s where all the flavor is.