Artwork © Dexter Roberts


In the end, there will be an end, no way to avoid it. Ends we don’t want, ends we want, to this damn stay at home, pandemic, get sick, then it’s, your end, so let me stay my behind, reminisce how it was, a time, it ends when in the distance, a masked stranger, i better put my mind on thinking, whether to say hi, eye contact distance i to you, get a ticket, while i get a knee on my neck, the end. And one more thing, i don’t usually keep stats, but that’s the second, no, the third time, their fans keep jumping off sides, them, say the people, they cheat, say the people, those people, say men, there were no one before us, them, they just, created the match, we lite the fire.


Dexter Roberts has had his art featured thoughout Boston and Cambridge. His poetry has been most recently published in Stone’s Throw.