Artwork © Eric N. Peterson



i remember
in the mist
that night,
wet t-shirt clinging
to my back,
face flushed
with nervous exhaustion,
growing later
with every scurrying second,
and you
in tight black jeans
and standard blazer,
in terrified anticipation.
perhaps I did not come
that night for love,
but only to dance
and laugh under the moon.
Seventy-two hours
did not pass
between us,
you clutching me
in the moonlight
on your tiny bed.
to die a painful
you said
would never be too much
and now I have.


Devon Deming graduated from the University of California at Los Angeles with a degree in English Literature and a specialization in Poetry and is a proud member of the Academy of American Poets.

Eric N. Peterson is from Atlanta, Ga. He’s been drawing cartoons all his life. He leans towards the absurd, imaginative, and the surreal, as that’s where all the flavor is.