The landscapes
Of Love
Is wide and green
Of the walking thru the lush
And the
Watered fields.
I have been walking
In the Valley
Of the Solitary
I tried to give away this Love.

No one could guard it
And so I went away
Upon my Way

I met you
In the
Early morning
Gathering water
Sand dollars
From the Shimmering Micah Sand
Our Babbling Brook
Became our entreating songs
At this place
You washed my feet
And wrapped your
Shirt around me
Spread arms around me as a golden pin
Thru long hours
Of the night
Beneath the Soft moon
The mist
Becomes the cool dew drops
Of dawn
A buttercup light
Revealed your eyes
Seeking places
Between my sight
To gaze upon your patience
Until you lead me away
To your house of words
And the musk parfum if your sweat
Sprays upon
My prayer
Is the hopeful
As far back I can remember
Your name lived
In my story
Your bare body
Is the evidence

The naked soul
In the hours
As long
As the old centuries
From grateful seasons
From the Plentiful
I have been served
The sweet wine of
Your blood
Ur sinewy
Of your vessels
Mix me
Within the divinations of your
And your creed
Make in kindred in your Clan
Your Love is a dance
Of inclination
A rhythm
Of my bridegroom’s
Oh Love of the holy sanctity
Oh Love of Signs and Wonder
A gravitous
And spinning wheel
Under silver Calling bells
A ceremony of Church songs
Here we stand before time’s congregation
Dual image
Anagrams of the sacred Mandala’s
Of Loveliness that bows
Down before our believers
And observers who
Keep the magical
And the fancy
Of dreaming
Under occupancy
Of the mistral bond


Poet strong>Deta Galloway is a self-described “Multimedia Artist, whose other pursuits include, painting, music, storytelling, professional dance, photography and ceramics. She was originally born in the Jamaica West Indies who emigrated to the United States at the age of 18. A professional nurse, she currently divides her time between Massachusetts and Georgia.

Sally Deskins is an artist and writer focusing on perspectives of women including her own. She’s been published internationally and exhibited nationally and has curated several exhibitions and books.