Diamelen’s Illness
( After Conrad’s The Lagoon)

Today I would write a tale
a tale of lost love
a betrothal
of brightness and grey

Today I will write about us
our foliage
how we beguiled our loss
about our roots in an alien soil
about a flood
which indelible carried us away
among fresh green bamboos
and ripe brown paddies

I would write about a girl
addicted to loss and wilderness
about half-moon nights
above silvery streams
about the parched lips
which sang of fireflies
the ‘ jugnu’ at her nape
and of vague stories in
rough traces

Today I would speak at noon
about the calm pool in your eyes
about every hushed breath
emanated out of the sampan

about taking you hostage
from Inchi Midah.

*Jugnu- firefly
*Inchi Midah- the wife of a noble in the short story The Lagoon.
*Sampan- a relatively flat-bottomed Chinese wooden boat


"Balloon' © Stacy Esch

“Balloon’ © Stacy Esch


Deeya Bhattacharya is an internationally published poet. Her works have been anthologized widely. She read poetry in Fests. She is a Haikuist too associated with Poets International, Bangalore, India.

Stacy Esch lives and works in West Chester, Pennsylvania, teaching English at West Chester University. Digital art and photography are the twin passions that compete alongside her interest in writing, reading, songwriting, and gardening. She has previously published works in Ibbetson Street, Turkshead Review and wordriver literary review. She has produced cover art for chapbooks by Kenneth Pobo (Save My Place and Placemats) and her artwork is featured at Spruce Alley Press, where she published a colorful 2014 Calendar as well as distinctive illustrations for the chapbook, When The Light Turns Green.