Hope to Find that Color Soon

Warm day on the thirteen floor
the only words spoken are in my head
praying for an open door, a kind nod
the demons lay steaming and I am still dreaming
once I had a lover, now I just have friends
I guess my heart will stay in one piece this way
no more thorns to pluck from my bleeding head
and for days to come – revelation – I might be dead
well, I gather up my poems, choose my brush with zest
I don’t know which color will say it best
red for blood, heart and soul
green for the life once dead now whole
gold bright and new, once I found in you
but like black, you left me, so many colors
blending into one – hope to find that love again.


"Every Drop" © Sally Deskins

“Every Drop” © Sally Deskins


Deborah M. Priestly’s publication credits include Ibbetson Street, Spare Change, Poesy, Fresh!, Boston Poet, The Boston Herald, The Boston Girl Guide and Out of the Blue Writers Unite (which she also co-edited). She is the author of The Woman Has A Voice from Ibbetson Street Press, an eclectic combination of healing poetry and images of women in transition.

Sally Deskins is an artist and writer focusing on perspectives of women including her own. She’s been published internationally and exhibited nationally and has curated several exhibitions and books.