Apocalypse Buffet
Written while waiting for my order of meatloaf

Another meal at the Apocalypse Buffet
It could be a snack or
A meal at mid-day
But we can’t pass up
That “all you can eat” special
Each and every day
Shock and awe in the morning
Car bombings in the afternoon
Random shootings fill the quiet
Russia Russia Russia
And then dead air
When the dishes run low
They are quickly refilled
Our hearty appetites
Always want more


Poet David Somerset is a poet living in Salem MA. performs at many open mics and also writes short stories and lyrics.

Joe Linker’s first camera was a used East German made SLR 35mm Exakta 500 fitted with a 120mm portrait lens he used to take ocean surfing slides in South Santa Monica Bay. That was 1968. Now he uses his cell phone, for when the ordinary pops.