Photography © Lauren Shear



In a future imagined by Anjali Sachdeva
there were no men & women
of course there were still women
all of the characters in the story were women
and presumably there were still men

but there was no “&”
not just in relationship or proximity
whole countries of one without the other

and if you ask them
the women
who listened to hip hop before it was all bootleg
and passed around on private servers
the ones who were there with
grey sidewalks, black roads
all the straight lines and right angles
towers dominating the landscape

if you ask them
how many rules about how you have to dress
how many laws about your body
how many shelters

how many times do you have to swallow
what you were going to say

how many times
do you have to walk home alone
at night

to understand


David Duncan is a spoken word poet from Las Vegas. When he is not chasing cats and catfish away from the local flock of ducklings, he can be found performing online and at open mic’s in the area.

Lauren Shear is a museum professional, public historian, and lifelong resident of Massachusetts. She has been working with activist groups since college and has been seeking ways to support communities under attack ever since.