Starts with a Breath

Starts with a breath
inadvertent sound, constant city sound
if all the cars stopped you could hear the houses
& buildings so close together they sway and rub,
almost touching, aching to feel cause they have no eyes

As all my windows could be monitors
my roof keeps out the rain but not the waves, rays,
signals, neutrinos, most unsourced, spontaneous, directional
choices from an ever-changing menu of uncertainties,
never-tasted-befores, evolving on impact

My pico-thin vocal range
what i see without correction
how many things am i hearing at any moment—
only music is more attractive than words
all conversation is a capella, though we’re never without percussion
breath looking for the narrowest, loosely walled gap
to run through with all its thousand tendrils spread wide
like striking a match for music, not flame


Dan Raphael’s The Closer You Get to Nowhere will be out this winter from Last Word Press, which published Everyone in This Movie Gets Paid in June of ’16. Current poems appear in Indefinite Sace, Neeologism, Mad Swirl, Unlikely Stories and In Between Hangovers.

Art can illuminate even the most elusive and difficult to comprehend ideas. Visual rules and tightly codified visual metaphors help scientists communicate complex ideas mostly amongst themselves, but they can also become barriers to new ideas and insights. Dr. Regina Valluzzi’s images are abstracted and diverged from the typical rules and symbols of scientific illustration and visualization; they provide an accessible window into the world of science for both scientists and non-scientists.