Allen Ginsberg’s, “Howl,” epic statement that set the tone, and, along with, Kerouac’s, On the Road, a generation was born, the much lauded, infamous, Beat Generation, now into their, 80’s and 90’s and deceased, and yet, their works remain, fresh, exciting, inspiring, over priced; however, fifty-six years have ensued since the, Fifties, much has come and went, Beats, Beatniks, Hipsters, Squares, Hippies, Yippies, Dippies, Yuppies, Guppies, Dinks, and all the conflict in between, over those years, decades defined by increasing mass media corporate encroachment, with trend setting entertainment restrictions, CEO taste maker’s political correctness limiting popular acceptance, conform to their norm, straight edge images, home, family, stability, hilltop mansion glory, welcome to, 21st Century U. S. of A; in these short attention span times, Howl’s, three page plus length, is too long, ADHD-ADD-ABC-STP minds, annot focus for the minutes to read, Howl, all the way through, Haiku, Tanka, Limerick, those are the forms of, Poetry, for the current era, get in-get on-get off-get out-in under thirty seconds, television commercials were, 2-3 minutes, now they’re, 3 – 10 seconds, almost, subliminal; time is now for a new Howl, a, Howl, for these times, a, Howl, that is quick to read, one page, and is easy to read, not too many big words, obscure references, or images, one track for the 21st Century Mind, to be read, and understood, and passed on, and, I’m, just the, Poet to do it.

Let us, cease living in the past, let us now, move forward, into the, Twenty-first Century, let us, stop pretending that we have already, let us go-go-go-baby-daddio!


Howl (ing)
For the 21st Century
[Another Mother Tongue]

w/a tip ‘o’ da hat & a nod to, A. Ginsberg
04/25, 26/14

I’ve seen great, gay minds
of generation wasted,
lost, and wandering,
amid culture’s wreckage,
spoused-het’mo’d, example set.

Genocide’s victims
seek roots history buried,
goddess dieties
in ashes lay at man’s feet,

Brother’s images,
injection-plastic molded,
reality camped,
social framework – pigeonholes –
confine – restrict, Ken’s, movements.

Sister’s visage,
blue-jean-print-landscape designs –
hips – breasts – butts squozed in
arboretum boundries,
hand holding – strolling pathways.

Holy erected,
corporate ad-ministers
popular unset,
mass media – underground
disinterns, Mother Culture – – –

Mother Culture, rise,
spread wide, gossemer embrace,
multi-coloured wings – – –


Howl (ing)

04/25, 26/14

Only in hindsight
do we see forward movement,
trail of features lost –
natural evolution –
cultural change ongoing – – –

Cultural change ongoing,
as wasted generation
is social wreckage,
lifestyle purchased regrets –
forward – only in hindsight – – –


Lament for, Nouns Past – Present
04/30, 05/02/14

There will be, no more, Morrison Poems,
or, Ginsberg Epics, or, Bukowski Poetry,
or, Kerouac Stories, or, Kesey Novels – – –

There will be, no more, Cassidy Wanderings,
or, Nash Wonderings, or, Dickenson Hymns,
or, Guest Rhymes, or, Steinbeck’s Perceptions – – –

No more, hitch-hiking across, America,
or, breakneck driving on the road,
or, hopping freights, boxcars locked – – –

No more arrests, or, obscenity trials,
or, Custom’s Quarentines, or, bannings,
or, plain brown wrappers – – –

There will be, no more, Powers Hosting,
or, Blue Improv’ing, or, Frank Depressing,
or, Coop Translating, or, or, Weiners Featuring – – –

There will be no more
for, they’re no more,
passed on to the great garret in the sky – – –

Memory’s influence remains,
body of inspiration entombed
between, Poet’s, back pages – – –

Dead rise like zombies
from musty shelves,
and roam, seeking brains – – –

Lay down, allow to be consumed,
digested, into literature,
to rise – renewed – reborn –

     There will be more – – –


Benediction for Nouns Past – Present


There will be more – – – raised
voices – celebrating, Potes,
reborn within, Pomes,
metaphor echoes – singing –
silver syllables ring out – – –

Silver syllables
ring out unto etheral,
butterfly winged plaine –
colors – notes – shapes form – boogie –
bop – froog – there will be more – – – raised – – –


Illustration © James Conant

Illustration © James Conant


D.A. Da Butcha” Boucher
is heavily influenced by, Jim Morrison, Pete Townshend, Charles Bukowski, Jack Kerouac Novels, William S. Burroughs Novels, and Allan Ginsburg’s short Poems. He enjoys reading, Emily Dickenson live, accompanied by a band ripping punk riffs.