Oh, my lady, you’ve outdone yourself
Putting away false promises for your sicknesses
Holding pulsing monsters closer to you than anything else

Firecracker flowers
Manic butterfly bawling
Falling stars gouging

They must die

Covered in diamonds
A parade of silken filth
Choke the lavender
Summon Death
Razor blades cutting up and through your flesh

Shimmer, my lovelies
You ignorant sloths
With your porcelain images and high gloss souls
Smash the walls with your mallet and recoil from black moths
Regressing into squirming vermin
Creeping and crawling into the soil

While I’ll sear from above
Maintaining a fine sheen on my seat
An artificial glass smile
A dagger in my teeth
A deathly mind
Nobody’s here, but someone left on the light


Artwork © Richard Montgomery

Artwork © Richard Montgomery


Crimson Blackstone writes fantasy and horror, and is especially proud of her former students’ incurable addictions to books.

Richie Montgomery: “My philosophical surrealistic drawings are known for their unique twist on life and our perspective of it. The “hidden in plain sight” details of my work are ruminants of the great masters like M.C. Escher and Salvador Dali. I have been drawing my entire life and have had no formal training other than just my own desire to create from the time I could hold a crayon or pencil. I enjoy many different types of art yet surrealism holds my passion the most.”