the sound of silence #2

I’m like   a pro bono whore

for the whole fucking universe

I love Courtney Love but
she really needs to go die already

He says he wants me to but I mean
what would he do all day hog-tied in the closet?

The Andy Warhol banana

When I was born
I pulled my mom’s uterus out

I was like ‘oh yeah, you’re coming with me!’

They pretty much pulled up and said
‘we don’t like what you’re doing
so we’re gonna kill all of you.’

How’s That for a joke?


Artwork © DJ Barry


Having grown a bit weary of publishing his diary, Cody John Laplante took to composing “The Sound of Silence” completely from overheard language. The first in the series can be seen in the World War 3 art blog.

DJ Barry is a self-taught artist that lives in Middlesex, Vermont. He uses a unique method involving photo editing software, stencils, and spray paint. He often infuses pop culture into his work. Oddities are his specialty.