Donald Trump Jesus, Chapter Two

Donald Trump Jesus
has no patience for those
who can’t walk on water.

Donald Trump Jesus
has no patience for those
who can’t create their own wine.

Donald Trump Jesus
fires his gospel writers
every other week.

Donald Trump Jesus
counts on his followers
to Photoshop stigmata
onto his tiny hands.

Donald Trump Jesus
pads the numbers
of the people he’s fed
while cutting the number
of loaves and fish
each retelling.

Donald Trump Jesus
retweets the sick and maimed
but is powerless to heal them
due to obstructing lack of faith.

Donald Trump Jesus
has Democrats and disciples
doing Hail Mary passes of silver
to any nearby Judas.

Donald Trump Jesus
is his own king
who never hears
when the people cry
to crucify him.

Donald Trump Jesus
would take the desert
out of Jerusalem
and bring it to
the rest of the world.

Donald Trump Jesus
is more worshiped
the more his name is
taken in vain.

Donald Trump Jesus
wants us to sit in temples
with his hopes and prayers
embroidering the targets
on our backs.


Chad Parenteau is Associate Editor of Oddball Magazine. His first “Donald Trump Jesus” poem was published last year.

Mary Lou Springstead is a visual artist originally from Florida, who currently resides in Middlesbrough, UK. She is a nasty woman who is inspired by mythology, psychology, social and environmental justice, Surrealism and Outsider Art.