David Bowie Jesus

David Bowie Jesus
never consulted with
other holy men as a child
but he did speak
with other rock gods
to confer fashion sense.

David Bowie Jesus
has twelve disciples ,
one for every leg
found on a Martian spider

with a twelfth traitorous
young American, who he fears
and calls Queen Bitch.

David Bowie Jesus
broke up the disciple
in a sort of rock and roll suicide
before the crucifixion.

In some scriptures of other faiths
David Bowie Jesus
is not the messiah
but was a member of Tin Machine.

David Bowie Jesus
did not ascend to Heaven.
Instead he continued into space,
thinking he was already there.

David Bowie Jesus
will not return in three days
but Major Tom the Baptist
will fall to earth
reentering as ash.

David Bowie Jesus
hopes “Let’s dance”
is not his only teaching
that they will remember.


Artwork © jojo Lazar

Artwork © jojo Lazar


Chad Parenteau first published the earliest of his “Jesus Poems” in Oddball Magazine. He now serves as Associate Editor for Oddball.

jojo Lazar is a multimedia artist and Boston-based vaudevillian “burlesque poetess” and ukulele lady with an MFA in poetry from Lesley. She rocks out with her frock out in “steamcrunk” phenomenon Walter Sickert & The Army of Broken Toys.