“The Mad Red Queen” © Edward Michael Supranowicz


Lawrence Ferlinghetti
At Stone Soup Poets

Meeting Lawrence Ferlinghetti at Stone Soup Poets
And then hanging out with him and Jack Powers
After leaving TT the Bear’s Place
With the tap of a walking umbrella making the way
Between the two.

Openly under the light rain of another milestone Monday
The song of time was singing fast
And still faster about going slow
I fell muted by eternity showing up to be gone again
The coffee shop lights could not satisfy the burnt orange
Or the signs of pink not being fuchsia

You see the night had very little to do with meeting Ferlinghetti
It was about being with the wait of the other man
A man who gave the empty glow of living’s shine away
To thousands upon thousands waiting to be unmuted
Their waiting voices to discover nothing can be true
A chance more humble than the way of one’s own silence
Trying not to weigh the world against love

His ears loved billions of words
His listening heard their pains, and he hugged them all
Paying endless attention and respect to everyone else’s words
While his ink was as dry as alcohol was not

I felt the coffee in the cup cool
As his soul’s patience grew more patient.
I needed more sugar to swallow the bitter end of this night
Holding on to letting go of the end of this day

The poetry of one’s life worth being heard
As the shadow of Lawrence stood at Jack’s feet
I wondered within the invisibility of my quiet here
If it is just as lonely being looked up to

When sitting shoulder to shoulder with someone
With someone who is waiting to inherit a visiting reflection
A tall a man as he who never waited
Always learning earning the value of nothing. Ok. Ok.


C.C. Arshagra is the uthor of the Open Mike poems, chapbook series: Book 1: Scared Sacred, Book 2: Death of an Ego, and Book 3: What Manner of Character. a new single-volume collection, The Open Microphone; poems: A 20th Anniversary Book, is due out from press22publishing

Edward Michael Supranowicz has had artwork and poems published in the US and other countries. Both sides of his family worked in the coalmines and steel mills of Appalachia.