Illustration © Stacy Esch

Illustration © Stacy Esch


Kissing you
Hear as my silence is

The move of your mind is free
To dance and bare no harm to come or go by you

Emotions and thoughts surface
You are your lips and tongue and the air of become

Soft and silently as the honesty you are here
Within all’s listen

You are the soul mystery found
Joining the sacred questions going home, home, home…

The equilibrium of spirit and physical
And the UnderConscious rise

The receive of conscious released by the give returns
To be conscious of all within and without

You are being


C.C. Arshagra is starting up his publishing company press22publishing while hosting his weekly radio show (“The I Do Not Know Show”) on WESU, 88.1 FM, in Middletown, CT at Wesleyan University.

Stacy Esch lives and works in West Chester, Pennsylvania, teaching English at West Chester University. Digital art and photography are the twin passions that compete alongside her interest in writing, reading, songwriting, and gardening. She has previously published work at Turkshead Review and wordriver literary review. She is currently selling a calendar through Spruce Alley Press.