Victims of the San Bernadino Terrorist Massacre
          by Cal Wes Ubideer

R. Adams planned to take his daughter soon to Disneyland.
D. Kaufman was a worker at the coffee shop he manned.
B. Betbadal, a mom of three, had come some years before.
H. Bowman left two daughters when his body hit the floor.
S. Clayborn was a lady only twenty-seven years.
J. Espinosa left his job, his family in tears.
A. Godoy, only twenty-six, had one son at her grave.
S. Johnson cried, “I’ve got you,” to the worker that he saved.
D. Meins remembered on the helmets at his former school,
while T. Nguyen planned to be engaged and married too.
N. Thalasinos shared his views, but not maliciously,
while Y. Velasco was shot down in cold blood viciously.
M. Wetzel left behind six children and his loving wife.
I. Amanios left his old land for a better life.


Illustration © George Panagopoulos

Illustration © George Panagopoulos


Bruce Wise: “CAL WES UBIDEER is a poet and literary critic of the West and California in particular. Influenced by the spartan harshness of Jeffers, the largess of Twain, and the tales of Harte, he has been a correspondent, inter alia, of Stafford in the 1980s and Gioia in the 2000s. In his youth, he was enraptured by California; and his favorite tunes of that era include San Franciscan Nights, “San Francisco (Be Sure to Wear Flowers in Your Hair)” and “California Dreamin’.”

George Panagopoulos is an Artist, Writer, and Comedian from Worcester, MA.


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