The Chinese Cyber Terrorists
            by Lu “Reed ABCs” Wei
            “We’re hemorrhaging information at a dizzying rate…”
                       —Admiral James Winnefeld

Four million US government employees were attacked
by workers in the flat-gray, Shanghai highrise, who have hacked
their records. As is usual, the Communists deny
they are the dedicated adversary—th’ oft-told lie.
Because of this evolving threat and major data breach,
Americans have been informed they better watch this leech,
to monitor accounts and freeze their credit chronicles,
to change their passwords—Chinese ruthlessness is prodigal.
Cyber security has been hit by that cruel crew*;
malicious software is installed with search engine Baidu.

            *Not in Illinois, but in Shanghai, China’s Cyber Unit #61398


“Vertical Lightinng” © TJ Edson


Bruce Wise: Lu ‘Reed ABC’s’ Wei LU is a poet of the Far East, in particular China. He admires writers, like Bei Dao, and is the intimate of writers, such as Dae Wi ‘Scrub’ Lee and Esca Webuilder.

TJ Edson is the Art Director of Oddball Magazine and a volunteer at the Out of The Blue Art Gallery. He has also had work appear recently in Terrarium.