The Last Libation

You won’t see it, but it will hit you, the missile
streaming out of the sky—you’d think it would
whistle at such a high speed. And you, your
tattoo that you don’t remember getting of an ass’s
backside plastered to your chest, will be
the target. But not before a camel spider,
it’s jagged maw, has rid you of calf, not before
a vulture takes aim and covers you
white with disuse. Not before the bear
trap that has no business springing in the desert,
springs into you. The terror it brings you
as it snaps your bitten leg tight in a mouth, its
pity kiss that puts an end at last to the bones not
healing from your crush of falling, cloud to dune.
All this, and I will be the one who kicked you
so hard you broke continuum and flew
so far into the heart of your future oblivion.
You stood in the kitchen, bare-assed, as if
you had no roommate, and off you went, Alex,
flailing to the Sahara. Ohio, a memory.
All of these are actions waiting to happen, threats
suspended for a day when you stop to consider
if you have time for a latte, on a Monday
I’ll make the last of your worries. I’ll deliver
the devastating boot on the day after you’ve
put in an all-nighter of work. The day
you’ll rise in yesterday’s clothes and think,
as I did when I awoke this morning, My god, I need
caffeine. You’ll recall, but only then, my grim
prediction of your small apocalypse. May you
weep, my friend, because you didn’t
think to replace the delicious coffee I bought
for a day like this. Also, rent is due, dickhead.


“Zentangle” © Shloka Shankar


Brian D. Morrison completed his MFA at the University of Alabama, where he was an assistant editor at Black Warrior Review. His poetry has appeared at West Branch, The Bitter Oleander, Verse Daily, Copper Nickel, Cave Wall, and other journals. Currently, he works as an Assistant Professor of English at Ball State University.

Shloka Shankar is a freelance writer from Bangalore, India. Her poems and visual art have recently appeared/forthcoming in Otoliths, Jaggery, Literary Orphans, The Gambler Mag, text lit mag, Yellow Chair Review, and so on. She is the founding editor of the literary & arts journal, Sonic Boom.