Photography © Linda Matthews-Denham


My love is transformative like Anne Hathaway in The Princess Diaries

My love has bounce like a Power Ranger backflipping out of frame / my love is nonsensical like a lawnmower soaring through the sky / my love speaks — I ordered no onions cause I know you don’t like onions / my love is rich like an NFL quarterback / my love is dark & crowded like a drive-in movie theater / my love is transformative like Anne Hathaway in The Princess Diaries / or a pool party turned sleepover / my love speaks — I’m listening / my love is Limitless starring Bradley Cooper / the scene where he skips time / my love is singing Hairspray’s “The New Girl in Town” / my love is outrageous like catching a frisbee in my mouth / or cannonballing into a hot tub / my love is hot & heavy like moving boxes full of books / or wearing 7 winter coats at the same time / in South Florida / my love just won a Grammy for Best New Artist / my love speaks — I wrote this for you.


Bri Griffith likes to watch and write about early 2000s movies. She’s also a huge fan of sketch comedy, which influences her poetry. She hopes to one day be an extra in a movie, so she can have that point-at-the-screen moment: “Look! That blob by the door! The one in the too-small vest! That’s me!”

Linda Matthews-Denham lives in the countryside along the Thames River in Berkshire, England. Her passion is photography, photo restoration and art history of Paris. She also works very closely with many British authors restoring images for publication.