Poetry and Artwork by Bob McNeil


An Unglued Genus

There were these two breeders
where two adversaries
housing enough nausea
to create rivers
should’ve been.
There was their male offspring
where a penile urge
shrinking from aspirin,
lemon juice
and a frigorific-frostbiting shower
should’ve been.
There was his girlfriend
where a murderess
with riggers tape, ropes
and serrated blades
should’ve been.
There was their son
where a refuse-dining roach
found on a garbage pail
amidst other trash-tasting insects
should’ve been.
There was that father’s poem
where Cymbalta, Lithium,
Seroquel, Thorozine
or Valium
should’ve been.
There was that father’s poem
where Medicaid’s
aphorism-sharing therapist
should’ve been.


"The Couple" © Bob McNeil
“The Couple” © Bob McNeil


Bob McNeil is a writer, spoken word artist and illustrator of some modest renown. Influenced by the Dadaists and Beat Movement, he attempts to address the needs of our human mosaic.




  1. This poem is almost as beautiful as you are Bob Mckneil you inspire me to be the best I can an that my poetry is my soul

  2. Bob: Your poem resonates with me from several perspectives. One is that humans have been using different stimulants and plant remedies even before the practice of pharmacy existed. Do we need to chemically connect with nature? Another one is the illustration with (literally) strange bedfellows… what are those two doing to bridge their “otherness”? Thank you for your thought-provoking, emotion-evoking words.

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