Melba Toast Kind Of Feelin

Becomes appealing only if it is…
The last thing on the shelf;
Or at the table grab it no one is watching-
Hard substance throws like a dog biscuit;

Some say it is a
Secret laboratory created hybrid ;
Or Something Synthetic?
Enough to survive on but hard to crunch and your teeth may cringe.
Dangerous seemingly stale weapon ?
Fake toast or is it?

Not a craving but a mediocre …
Get through the day bare minimum;

Hits me again.
A Last resort!
That Melba toast kind of feelin.


"Aisled" © Alexandra Prince

“Aisled” © Alexandra Prince


Bob Eager wonders if Melba Toast is real or a dangerous synthetic hybrid. Question: Fake toast or is It? Bob Eager’s work appears in Stray Branch, Leaves of ink, Camel Saloon, Rusty Truck and Vision With Voices among others. He also appears randomly on a video channel called Charisma Corner.

Alexandra Prince currently lives in Buffalo, New York where she is a History PhD student focused on investigating 19th century religion and perceptions of madness. “My research on the Oneida Community is pending publication in Zygon:The Journal of Religion and Science. I only shoot point and shoots.”