Conundrum of Confabulation

Distorted beyond conscious intention-
Another thought,
Lost in Fabrication;
Attributed to a possible Memory loss,
And more likely a Disturbance in surrounding energy.
Riddle me this confusion says…
Kayfabe spelled backwards is To (Be fake),
Who knew..
Concerning a Story that serves your purpose.
Future problem possibly speaking.
Misinterpreted memories swept under the proverbial rug;
Puts it in a peculiar position..
And in turn discombobulated and yet again,
Left with a bad pun indeed.


“Anxiety” © Pragya Vashishtha


Bob Eager hangs out In the Old Town Artistic District gazing at the multitude of Scottsdale Galleries. Bob has been published in Stray Branch, Vision With Voices, The New Beatnik and Oddball Magazine. He was also a former journalist and interviewer for Online World Of Wrestling.

A 22 years old Engineering student and an artist by heart, Pragya Vashishtha lives in Jaipur, India. Her work feeds on emotions and most of her paintings are based on a underlying theme of Anxiety. Some of her works have been published in Issue 7 and 8 of Sonic Boom Journal.