O my adoptive brother!

come rest with me
here in the silenced wings
where the boisterous stories
of our friendship becomes
only an anecdote.
i have grown small
living this trail of tears
when our classmate died of cancer,
i have grown big
romancing the earth we danced
the day i was your best mate
so many dreams dreamt
so many realities drowning
the sketched paths of our imagination.
it was so magnificent before
like a spiral of fire edging
the bruises of nostalgia,
the goddesses and gods
trekking the paths to Nirvana.
come walk beside me
while we forget what we expected
and accept what is.


Photography © Chad Parenteau

Photography © Chad Parenteau


Beatriz Alba Del Rio: bilingual poet, lawyer, mediator, member of the New England Poetry Club. Beatriz’ awards: 1st Prize 2002 Octavio Paz International Poetry Contest, 3rd Prize 2003 Pablo Neruda International Poetry Contest, 2004 1ST Prize Cambridge Poetry Award ( “Masks over masks” category “female erotic poem”) and finalist with poem “Black Crows” category “female love poem” and the 2007 3rd Prize New England Poetry Club Diana Der-Hovanessian Translation Award. Her poetry has appeared in several anthologies and literary magazines. Beatriz’ inspiring muses are Chejov, Borges, Paz, Neruda, Gelman, Jorie Graham, Franz Wright. Beatriz’ poetry guru is Ottone Riccio. Her contemporary poets ingnite Beatriz’ light and darkness to write. She believes in the oneness of us all.

Chad Parenteau’s photo was taken in May 20111 at the International Community Church, in Allston, Massachusetts during the fortieth anniversary celebration of Stone Soup, months after the passing of Jack Powers, who founded Stone Soup Poetry in 1971.


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