Photography © Karen A. Szklany


pain is my nostalgia. it’s a familiar essence that comes and goes,
but whenever that stench of oncoming winter fills my lungs and sits
hard on my throat, I feel the aching in my chest that makes me feel
pathetic and worthless in a mere instant. I become so small and
insignificant, and all the meaning in the world is lost. what once
possessed importance has now been blurred by my vision. merely
fuzz that passes me by as I drag my feet along the pavement.

I want to let go of the weight. I want to remove their faces from
my mind and replace them with new ones, but the feeling in my
heart is unending. I am out of people to love. I am out of songs
to sing. I am out of gods to pray to. and I am out of words to write.

I am gone


August Jackson is a passionate poet and aspiring author from Jacksonville, Florida. With a love for soul sharing, she is currently working on her debut collection of poetry. Additionally, she enjoys performing music as a vocalist and instrumentalist.

Karen A. Szklany was born in New York and now lives in a New England co-housing community. She is the author of several collections of poetry, gardening books and Unitarian Universalist sermons. Karen also serves as a Life Healing and Transformation Coach on the labyrinth path.