Pressure Drop

pressure dropped
in the atmosphere
rain ripped me silly
the sky was furious
out of no!’s
repeating relax! really?
everybody has some water in them
rain stopped
the brief fly died
with wet wings
as it became a drizzle
within us
and without us
it left a breeze behind
tt is summer and
there is sympathy for the swelling watermelons
whose seeds are causing an increase
in teen pregnancy
amongst the children of gloucester.
yet when i was a child
the boys sold drugs and dated strippers
and suicide took them when they were not yet ripe
our country
drools with his head out the car windows
the disc sol
absorbed through the glass
into our bare chests
fat pink flesh
wrapped in salt and pepper
chest hair like barbed wire


Photography © Allison Goldin

Photography © Allison Goldin


Andrew Borne’s poetry column “The 7 Times” will debut soon here at Oddball Magazine.

Allison Goldin is an artist living in Cambridge. Her work is a collection of spontaneous drawings from the imagination. The most common link throughout her art are the semi-recognizable creatures scattered amongst and bringing together the surrounding doodles. She is currently studying Illustration at The School of Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.


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