Photography © Nicholas J.J. Smith


The Doll
—a quatern for the environment

She waited with no sense of time.
though no party beckoned the guests
to a table set with china
teacups, apple juice, cookies on

miniature painted plates.
She waited with no sense of time
they sat stiffly in frills and lace
except Ann who always wore rags,

babies, toddlers, models, a bride
never aged but just disappeared.
She waited with no sense of time
atop weathered splintered lumber

tossed randomly next to the curb.
Embarrassed, naked, and begrimed,
straight-backed, head held high, staring eyes,
she waited with no sense of time.


A retired English teacher, Andrea JonesAndrea Jones Walker enjoys studying poetry with her cat Mork and writing in a variety of genres. She has written and published four books available on Amazon. She co-edits panoplyzine and is active in her Pensacola, Florida writing community.

Nicholas J.J. Smith is a photographer, philosopher and musician based in Sydney, Australia.