“The Grass is Always Greener” © Amy Donnelly


I know it’s the Apocalypse, but…

just now on the mountain.
wildflowers are blooming,
beside the stream
Blood Root nods to
Virginia Bluebells;
dogs off the leash
romp happily,
urging their people
“Hurry up! There’s
so much to see!”
Five school-age children,
walk single file
to wade the creek,
their school year in abeyance
while young parents,
baby in a swaddling wrap,
stoop to photograph
a Trout Lilly.

The news says it’s the apocalypse,
but you see, it’s Spring just now,
and down here in Alabama,
we’re just too full of wonder
to pay much attention.


Allen Berry is a writer, poet, professor, and environmentalist. He currently teaches English composition as an adjunct at Calhoun Community College having returned home to Huntsville in August 2019. His first collection of poetry, Travel for Agoraphobics was published by Kelsay books in October 2014. He followed up with Distractions and Illusions from Finishing Line Press in 2015 and Sitting up with the Dead from Writing Knights Press in 2017.

Amy Donnelly is based on Oahu Hawaii and works primarily in mixed media formats often incorporating acrylic paint, sea glass, wax and other materials. Ms. Donnelly also has a background as a librarian and completed her graduate work at Pratt Institute.