A strange encounter on Massachusetts Avenue

his implication was
that we should shoot each other In the streets

this is not the wild, wild

this is Arlington
where his gun argument holds little water
so I implied
that he go back to texas
where you can shoot each other in the streets
without any implication

without reason
without matter

with your
head held high

and all implications
set aside.

a biker shaved between us
blinded by a late july sun

in the shadow of all of this
they both winced

I smiled
and retreated, quickly

like the rain
like traffic on Massachusetts Avenue

when the sun implies
that it will fade

into the west.


Photography © Steve Warren

Photography © Steve Warren



publishes The Montucky Review and sits on the editorial staff of The Bookends Review. Widely published around the globe, he flies under the radar. Deftly.

Steve Warren’s interests are in the healing arts, poetry, photography, dance, the nutritional arts and much more. He is a peer specialist in the recovery movement.