there once became day in time
not of unbroken darkness or
dismal meandering
but of light you’ve never seen
and perched upon a hill
we scorned
and fell upon the deepest hole

mettle healing by the fire
bidding little sighs and peeks
we fathom not His will
but ours
so, black became of every
ray that snuck it’s way
into our hearts


“Alice” © Gawaine Ross


Adrian Encomienda was born in Phoenix, Arizona in 1995. His work is often considered cryptic and esoteric with many allegorical references. His most recent poem, “The Candlelight”, was published by Glass: Facets of Poetry in April 2017. In addition to poetry, he is in the early stages of publishing his first novel.

Gawaine Ross was born in Boston in 1951. He is a retired nurse and former practitioner of Wicca.