one minute free prose
haven’t written in a while
so i see if my style still flows
or has holes
but when i kick it in one minute
i still feel like its not quite finished
so i listen to EV and play my Wii
and keep it all cool
like you and me
are icicles in a snow storm
that is man the storm
a cool climate, a man made primate
made man, made dilated
like my eyes, when i try and see at night
so sharp like a skill saw
kept on writing through
the bullshit, up and down like a see saw
one minute rhyme to tell
you i haven’t quit yet
just too busy to write, eating breakfast
three square a day.
too tough to break and too fast
to catch, one minute is over
but you haven’t even breathed in yet
one minute.
one hot minute
and now i break, and now im finished
next witness.p