Oddball Magazine Parade of Poets Presents Mignon Ariel King

Under the Burren

Under the belly of Somerville,
in the bowels of Davis Square,
stood Jimmy, tingling in
the new year with the chuckle

of a harmonica. After, the Irish
band upstairs twinkled out
a tune to splash over the rocks
with a broken heart or to help

lure a new honey who couldn’t
possibly hear your love-tapping
tongue over the clogging drunks.
In the quieter corner, by stained-

glass windows and a heavy door,
my friends weren’t catching the hint
when I asked a cute guy with a laptop
about the thing sticking out of the back.

Pals kept offering me techno advice
…when I was really only interested
in the black-haired dude’s particular
stick-thingy. Friends can be obtuse.


Note: Jimmy Tingle’s theatre was located in a basement on the same block as the Burren pub.

Mignon Ariel King’s latest book is What Good’s a View of the Charles…? from ALL CAPS PUBLISHING.



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