Oddball Magazine is pleased to announce its nominations for Volume 2 of the literary anthology Best Indie Lit New England (BILiNE) from Black Key Press.

The Kickstarter program for BILiNE was successfully funded in 2014, and the following poems first published in Oddball were selected for publication in BILiNE Vo. 2 among poems and fiction selcted from a series of other New England based publications, including Off The Coast, Meat for Tea and upstreet.

Toni Bee, “Rush (for Dr. Angelou).”

José Gouveia, “Last Rites.”

Chris Warner, “Why to Survive December Outside of Boston.”

We thank Thomas Dodson of Printer’s Devil Review and Victor D. Infante of Radius for inviting Oddball’s editors to be part of the selection process.

Thanks also go to the artists whose work graced the poets’ works for the first time. Stacy Esch, Allison Goldin and George Panagopoulos.