It happened that I recognized myself here

It happened that
as I walked away from the Forty Foot
I surprised myself by realizing there were roots already
traveling out the bottom of my feet
deep into the ground – helplessly intermingled
with history
and genetics
unable to untangle my personal psyche
from the national.

It happened that
as I walked between The Forty Foot and Dun Laughaire Pier
the voice of the Irish Sea
carried the distinct rhythm and sound,
brought understanding of
of the language
like it was so much CPR to my soul
breathing into me with every cresting wave.

It happened that
I could feel every molecule of myself
becoming every molecule of the sea
exhaling me
with each withdrawing wave,
into every molecule of the land
the air
the plants –
It happened that I recognized myself here.

Eileen Dolan lives with her dog in a lovely duplex on a creek in South Central Austin, TX. She practices medical massage and writes poetry.