Free prose,
digital free prose.

Remember pens and notebooks? I do.
I’m going back to the land of sharpies
and spray paint.

Scissors and glue sticks.
I want to advance to the next step
of this 64 bit magic trick.
I want to spray walls and line streets with chalk
not dead man walking chalk.
Just chalk.
I want to sling poems like dope.
I want to fill pages with my crazy.
I want to be labeled pensive with a pencil.
Stylistic with a stylo.
Pornographic with a pen.
I want to
make you
I want you to raise your dress to my words.
And have a Burroughs written dinner
I want to raise you to a boil.
And send you to the shower.
I want to make my words
Fuck the mad hatter,
I’m back,
And I’m madder!
Screaming into your open ear
silencing the laughter.
I hear like running back the track
I am the dynamo.
And you’re the aftermath
Which comes after words
Which comes after you
and sleeps
far longer.

I am not your 
average poet.

this is not your
average poem.

This is  Pro’s prose.


Jason Wright is the founder and Editor of Oddball Magazine. His column appears weekly.