Alright, so I went to see MURS on Monday. I met MURS and had a great conversation with him, and frankly don’t remember it. The show started, and I got up to the front of the stage. By the way the show had some real Melvins. I mean, a couple of people were pretty stupid, and bothered me. This guy was grinding a pole while I was trying to hear the music. Now, I’m pretty sure they had no idea who MURS was. And their hip-hop dancing was quite unusual. Also there was this dude, aggressively waving his hands from side to side. And this is funny, cause it seemed instantly when MURS got on stage that the dude waving his hand aggressively, and the two melvins dancing and grinding, gravitated towards me, possibly because I was in a really low mood, and my self-esteem was depleted. But that’s Bipolar for you. Anyway, meanwhile, there are hardcore kids, hardcore for 19 year olds, going crazy for the Pyscho Realm. Now, the Pyscho Realm ripped it, and I ain’t gonna say shit bad about them, because Sickjacka, looked like he could kill someone at any minute. Rob talked to him after the show, and said the dude was cool though. But man, that dude was HARDCORE. Alright, so if we can focus not on the croud, or the way people act at shows, and the difference between a hip hop crowd, and this crowd, I can tell you about NOCANDO.

Alright NOCANDO is sick. First two dudes who played were good, the NOCANDO started up his set. MC Nocando, is a self-proclaimed indie-rap star. Dude looked like he could have skate boarded to this gig. I enjoyed that, dude was rocking chucks, and I noticed that too. So dude rips the stage, and then Psycho Realm gets up there. And then finally MURS. Now, MURS was friggin fantastic. I was just distracted by the uncool crowd.

So the show ends, and MURS announces to the crowd, that he will be at the merch table, so I look for MURS 316, and can’t find it, I decided to pick up NOCANDO. Listening to it right now, and it’s pretty fantastic. Anyway, I’m walking outside, up the stairs of the Middle East, and Nocando sees that I bought his album. I go “yo man, great show” Dude runs outside to these hot English chicks. And is telling me about the CD artwork. He signs it, now we friends on twitter. which is cool.

Alright so you got this far, through this article and I have barely mentioned NOCANDO’s new album Jimmy The Lock. Alright the first song, is great. It has a hardcore beat, And the rhymes are nice. I mean real nice. This rhyme reminded me of myself. “I want to go to heaven just to fuck an angel/ i said that to myself while I was bussing tables, walking around that restaurant drunk and unstable/. That reminded me of what i can do. So the first song is Head Static, and man, it’s good. rhymes are legit kid, the beats are banging. This dude is intelligent. And that’s whats up. Anyway, NOCANDO was a stand up dude, his music is bomb, and used to write poetry like me. So word up, may not be the best review, but check out the CD, you’ll know what I’m talking about, as soon as you listen to it.