Dear readers,

I feel  like I have been gone for a while now, though I am still writing every day.  I am glad you come and check this out, I listen to every word you have to say, the truth is at the end of the day, you are my family, and friends. Every poet, who has put something down, every artist who has put something down, all this magic we have created, lifts us all

So now I am looking for a few good friends to make the first street magazine.  I also have to write a business plan soon, maybe someone can help me with that too.   It s hard when you have a dream…and a job.   Sometimes the job takes over, sometimes you forget that the passion you have to reach people, to let them find their voice and use this magazine as their platform. That is the truth of this magazine.  I am only one man.  I am the creator of this, and I have had alot of help along the way, but the truth is I am so glad that you are all reading this every day. People, who read this…maybe even for the first time….let me tell you a little about the magazine and the reason I write.

I write because there is nothing better then putting pen to paper

making words together and looking at them later, and be like damn

I created that, or I made someone feel something.

that is the reason for writing. This is only a platform for others to express themselves, LIke Pie putting up the poems he does, Pungi putting down a story that brings you to the edge of the hospital bed.  Or Doug Holder respect to him for his poem about Newbury St in the Seventies.   Bridget and her poems, and Ivans poems.  David Krancher putting something down every time.  Adrienne Drobnies, Shamaiah Turner. Andrew and Erin< Borne and Burns…Alex Duridas.  All writing for the common goal to get that in your soul.

thats what we do this for…this is Boston, this is Chicago, this is Cleveland, this is the magazine for all of you… I know I have been getting some feed back, so let me know what you think…leave me a comment let me know how I can make this better. I just put up an add on Craigs List, and I gotta meet with Gloria when she gets a chance to get the street mag going.

alright everyone peace and love….go sox, celtics, bruins, and every person who has a story with no oulet…..

this is your magazine.