Something I can’t quite understand
Million dollar old man
While I was talking to Bee
And I felt good reconnecting with a good friend
And then
I hear screaming
So now I write with my pen
Hear we go again
Manic old man
And another douchebag ruins
The night again.
Man I love poets, love em
Love the different styles
And rhyme schemes wiling
Love the energy that comes from
A cat
Who’s spitting poems and all that
But when you old man
Got up with your angry eyes
And brought ugliness and nothing useful
And you know what?
Fuck you!
Ruining a safe space
With your stupid hate.
I won’t defend you
I will not
You ruined a safe spot
You are no poet old man
You are loud
And you don’t speak for me
but you know what
The spot that I try so hard to keep safe
The one that we build on EVERY DAY
The one that has been tarnished with shame
Goddamn old man
It’s not ok
First time shame on us
Second time shame on us
There won’t be a third time
You mess up my spot
And you start throwing jabs
That’s it man
Find another spot
make me waste my Jagged Thought
On you?
nope this is what I’m gonna do
It’s not that you aggravated the whole place
It’s that you start throwing race
Into the equation
And your no longer a poet
Your just straight hating.
nothing lyrical
About what you do
Ruined my night
And a whole lot
Others too.
Man you racist douche!


Jason Wright is the founder and Editor of Oddball Magazine. His column appears weekly.