My birthday
Thinking of things to comprehend,
to change, and amend,
while my hair slowly turns.

Big screen monsters took a room in my brain
checking in and plan to stay in,
this Nevertown Hotel.
Where all my thoughts play for shells.
Where seashells are the currency.
And there is nothing that I can see,
that matters but the deep sea.
Reality? I am alone in infant state
Wish I had a more meaningful life,
But you can only test fate so far.
They say you can only die one death,
I have died a million, like stars.

I have said “rhymes all the time”
In freestyle.
Sounds so weak, and I can’t deny it.
I am not a emcee,
I’m a poet at a riot.
I am sick of staying quiet.
Wish I could feel something
Something I could hold on to
That will take the rain too.

That will take the rain and sunshine
And let it clear my clouded mind.
Wipers for eyes,
Clear my skies.

The sun is taking its time,
To make my melatonin less melancholy
and my serotonin less sad,
and my dopamine levels
up and down, bipolar like my dad.

The water in my eyes,
From writing that rhyme….
Oh man, what have I done with my life?
This is the only life I have.
This is the life.

When the world I was ignorant too
Made me feel indigo.
Made me feel like the blue skies
were everlasting.
and my mind was a diamond mine.

But there is something about this Nevertown sky
grey today
like angel eyes

Really makes me feel at home.

Happy 35.


Jason Wright is the founder and Editor of Oddball Magazine. His column appears weekly.