no other way to explain it
Wondering if it’s true
That everything is tainted.
A pile of nothing good
Is coming to the surface
And my whole “go with the flow” attitude
Has left me feeling worthless
And with no purpose I sit down and take myself out of the race
Because the mind is wilting and the flesh is weak
And sadness on my face
And what lies beneath
Is real and this 3 ring binder and this 3 ring circus has me going around in circles and
Poe with Annabel
Emily at McLean
And e.e in lowercase
And no one gives a damn
They’ll stage parades after your gone
And some in your honor
They’ll remember the words you wrote
And the strife and pain in your life
But only when you’re a goner.
sing me a fucking song seamstress
Put my life together
Or let me waste away wilting flower
No Heaven for a devil
Only worms and a shovel
Bones to dust forever

But I survive if only the reason
To write you this letter
Don’t worry self, soul and mind

Don’t worry
               It gets better


Jason Wright is the founder and Editor of Oddball Magazine. His column appears weekly.