I was walking in a winter wonderland
In the champagne roads of New England,
A city of Champions,
Oh my God, we brought it back again.

Yeah, I was walking, down the road,
And someone said look at the sky
Its going to explode from the cold,
And the street singers
Kept on with the jazz in these New England winters

Yeah, I was watching, gave the dude some time,
Absorbing the rhythm and listening to the rhymes
And this dude, kept rocking
With the quick cat, lyrical play
And then I took the stage
as the band mates played,
I grabbed the mic, not afraid, and
As the
Snow piled up, and the plows came,
We straight killed the stage.

Then the lights went out, another power outage,
But the poets kept writing, and out came Knowledge
And it went a little something like this…

and it went a little something like this…..

The beat came and the record skipped, skipped, skipped
and the record skipped, skipped, skipped
and the muse in music, kept the beat coming
and it was so sick
The electric city was so live, we straight up caught it in a bottle
And the music was slow and low with a banging beat
That damn, goddamn it was melting the snow, and the sleet, and
Damn, it got so hot, the crowd got sweaty, the sun came out,
And the beat got heavy
All the snow melt,
Like I was listening to Felt

There was so much heat coming from each beat,
That the street filled up with people, and they
Were soaking in the sunshine.

That Show Melted all the Snow,
That Show Melted all the Snow
And we kept the music going and erased the cold.


Jason Wright is the founder and Editor of Oddball Magazine. His column appears weekly.