Here we go, writing towards the undertow
People don’t know, they don’t know
Too much caffeine, keeps my heart beating faster
Then usual,
It’s so brutal, how they tried to teach you
But no one listens
Here’s a cupful of flour, sugar, two eggs,
Legs outstretched, back broken in two,
Flax seed stew, something vegetable.
Working hard to find a job,
Yes I’m flexible, too much caffeine
The anxiety creeps on me,
Writing over two cups of coffee
And a little sip of energy.
listening to Gangstarr, and the buttons keep beeping
Pull out the sunshine, from the moonlight

wake me up I’m only dreaming.

Nitro full, artist Chinese food buffet
Yeah I’m still yawning, anxiety
Pulsing through my body,
Call me anxiety, call me a cab
Too much energy, stabbing my heart,
Flowing from the start,
Wishing I could take it back,
But the earliest I can feel better
Will be an hour and a second.

Did I mention, that I’m in your section?
Writing dramatics, with a therapy session
With a eight inch erection, coming at ya in
All directions.
Yes, all that aggression, wiped out on the kitchen floor
Mop top ragamuffin, raising the bar, couldn’t do
It before. Now were at war, and the best are the finest
Finer then fine china, yeah we’re priceless.

Yeah, something makes the devil tick,
Angels gathering around to take all of it.
All of it, wearing pearl necklaces, like it’s a gift
Yeah, here’s the temperature shift,
Got the best rhymes in the zone, yeah deal with it.
Frozen sounds, from harmonicas, remember tonsils
Ringing from the back of the hall.
Yeah it’s the oddball poet, speaking in front of y’all.

Peace to this crew, peace to that crew…see you all at the theater nearest you.
Tribe Called Quest raised me, Afrocentric in white skin. That’s what I got, a world traveler
A globetrotter tripping over the farmers daughter. Listen to arrested development,
before the show. This is the world, the only world that I know.
Yeah, you should try it some time,
Put pen to pad and just rhyme,
Keeping it cool in hair, like air conditioner
Jumping each gauntlet, and yeah though you call me prisoner

I am free. Wherever I walk, I walk without gravity. I got a mentality not to bruise
those who are cool. Keeping inside, yeah, the world is you. Yeah, the world is yours.

Do what you do,
with the attitude, of a shepherd
not a sheep.


Jason Wright is the founder and Editor of Oddball Magazine. His column appears weekly.