First step is to realize that it is not your fault.
That everything happens for a reason.
That to build yourself up
sometimes you have to tear your self down.
Life is unpredictable, but you can predict somethings,
Like realizing that you are not always your thoughts
Though they condemn, and castrate you.
You are only as old as you feel.
Don’t smoke.
As hard as it is to resist temptation, don’t smoke.
Think of your family, the one you are given
and the one you created. Your friends and family
want you to succeed.
They don’t want to see you fail.
Kick those depressing thoughts out the window
Say your negativity aloud, and then throw each thought
in the trash bin.
Meditate, let the thoughts ease out of your brain,
and into the ether of the atmosphere.
I know you are sad now, but you can do this.
Pick yourself up from the depths of depression,
and find something tangible to hold onto.
Listen to your heart.
Not your head.
Sometimes your greatest fear,
can become the motivating force to change your life.
If you are afraid, follow that fear, face it and conquer it.
Only you can really change your life.
If you are not good at things, work on them till you are good at them.
Sometimes you have to let go
to find out who you are.
If you are afraid of darkness, or ghosts
Face the fear, head on.
Empathize with others.
Help others.
There are people who need help.
There are people who struggle,
No matter what, each person has their own journey.
There is always a reason, behind the wreckage.
To fix your broken life
is to realize that it isn’t broken at all.
Fractures, may split and be painful.
It’s only a break when you completely give up.
And life only ends, when your heart stops,
That’s when the body gives up.
Its natural.
Don’t give up before your body does.
Find strength inside you.
Keep going.
Make a plan, and stick with it.
Set goals.
Smile, try to anyway.
There are a lot of things to be happy about.
The world is full of really good people
and you are not the only one
who struggles.
There are more broken lights out there to change
Change the lights, and enlighten.
Make someone else smile.
Realize, that you are not alone.
Write a poem, and tell the people.


Jason Wright is the founder and Editor of Oddball Magazine. His column appears weekly. He’s been doing this a while.