I once saw the devil in a matchbook
I once saw the buildings of hell in an ashtray
I fought hell head-on in my notebook.
I remember the first day I went insane,
I was strumming a guitar outside, on a gravel driveway
Smoke was in the air, from my cigarette
And my last lucid thought was “maybe this time”.

Maybe this time, I will understand something greater then myself
I didn’t. I was just tagged like a cow’s ear for slaughter,
And never did I again silence the laughter
Oooh baby baby it’s a wild world.

Why wait for genocide, take a deep breath outside
Were finished,
With our spinach
Who will take the educated rhymer to the next limit
where he can hit the links and kick it YEAH

Ooh baby baby it’s a wild world. You’re a wild one, with your gravy stained pajamas
Girl I want in, ooh baby you’re a wild one rocking in the streets
Of Davis Square hooting and hollering at the Boston Garden

Ooh baby baby it’s a wild world. You‘re a wild one, with your beautiful headdress on
Taking sunshine into your silent beams, making rhymes
Float in the sun, like a rainbow after rain
Ooh baby baby it’s a wild world. with your drugs in your hand,
And your outstretched arms, and your buildings are toppling down
Ooh baby babe it’s a wild world . You’re a wild one, not to wild that you cant see someone
In front, and drunk and stumbling
Ooh Baby baby it’s a wild world.


Jason Wright is the founder and Editor of Oddball Magazine. His column appears weekly. He’s been doing this a while.