Sad I guess
Wondering if life is a treasure chest
Then why is my life such a mess
At the best I do I laugh at questions
Suggestions to be a better me
Is the answer to your questions
But i laugh at the prospects
And they send me to detention
I laugh at the prophets
But no ones paying attention
Old introverted extrovert
When will you see your worth
and find that the curse you have had since birth to disperse absurd words
To release my soul
Like a flock of
To answer you
Failure hurts
But when it comes to putting down the written word the syllables
Are invincible my love for the poets in my circle is irreversible
The fight I have to succeed is
And my stealth sick style on the mic
Is incomparable
I write for the 50th Jagged Thought
And here’s to another 50
Thank you all for being precious gifts
And being there right with me
Writing irresponsibly because the written word shook me
I was asleep and I woke up undeniably better then the old me
Becuase poetry to me is my therapy
And it’s free
To be able to
Kick synonyms and allegories
To the man in the cave
It was me
Before poetry
Enlightened me
And told me to believe in me
And then they will
So in the end thank you
I do this for me
To get through
But ignition is the key
To keep it real constantly
With poetry
Don’t lie to your notebook
Or it becomes your
Joke book
Reality sets in
And I’m on the train again
Playing my word games
With my head again
Making sense
A pen
A dream
A wish
Thanks for taking the time to read this
This has been
A lyrical bloodbath
And your the witness
A prince with the quill
With lyrical skill
What will be will be
If you keep the will
In lock
And key
What will be
Will be
Just believe in me.


Jason Wright is the founder and Editor of Oddball Magazine. His column appears weekly. He’s been doing this a while.