Rhyming in the mindset, I’m never down to say it
rhyming legit, with a stupid disposition.
Wish my world, would end but no one seems to listen.
The world is not meant for me, I find secrecy in lies.
I don’t get the world and why it is, and maybe I’m afraid,
to say my mind lies in the defiant and the pride of lions,
Mental illness, I wear your crown.
but I don’t want to speak your mind
Do you ever wonder why we are here?
Why we exist, and what beautiful music there is?
I wish I was a war hero, a fireman, a musician, a bard
wish I could see myself out of this dark.
I like singing “no surprises”
But every day comes a bend in the road.
Every day comes anxiety, for the world that sees the cards I hold.
And I do know what I see in the reflection of the sun.
I know there is beauty that I can’t see.
I am blind, and indifferent.
My world never shows up
I want the world to love.
I see pain in my love, and I want her to feel love.
I wish I was a wandering ghost.
I will be one day.
The ghost of love.
Anxiety is very real. I see it in the confused faces
I just wish I was one.
I mean I just wish I was one with you
and my world made sense to both of us.


Jason Wright is the founder and Editor of Oddball Magazine. His column appears weekly.