Writer’s block comes and goes.
it’s here.
it says, hey, I am here.
it says, Hey I am here, in you.
and I am trying to take control of the situation.

And along comes the pen, and says, Man…nah,
time to go away, writers block, the hero is here…

Fighting writers block from block to block,
using the pen as a lyrical sword to cut through each word.
You blocked? Are you in trouble?
The pro’s prose, like ghostbusters, take away the struggle.
In come the metaphors, like lions, like riders on the storm.
Next come the differences, adhering from the norms.
now references, come in like Dickens, forming like Voltron
Nostalgia, come in, like waiting for the bus,
waiting for mom to come home.
Then sympathy comes in and wonders why I was alone?
Then wonder, comes in, is he eluding to a broken home.
Then beat comes in, and says, nah,
it’s just a break, in the constant
and assonance and dissonance come up
and shake the honest connotation,

say brackish, brackish, beats, onomatopoeia, BAM, there it is.
Back to the obscure reference, Tag Team, tag it out, and back in.
Like pro wrestling, add something
that someone can relate to, and then take it away
with something vulgar, fucking insane on a train,
with Peace thru pain, that’s a reference
only the writer gets, writing circles around the crowds
but ain’t even close to done yet.
Back to the high school bully and the detention centers,
throw a little reference to what’s going on in the world.
#StopAsianHate, a call to action,
to make some people move towards.
let them know that today is World Ocean Day,
let them know something they didn’t, put the poem on pause…

Fake it like your finished.
Then take it to the next level.
Go faster, go faster, throw more references in,
like Spinach to Popeye,
and then take a tribe called quest lyric
and put it to the hip hop heads, reference, remix it,
electric relax and throw in the reference.
I need a Philly right before I get loose.
Money please, I get loose off of orange juice.
Back to a commercial reference, Tropicana,
then go dig in the crates, and hit ’em with Freddie Gibbs,
Madlib and Bandana, credit the reference
that got your mind stuck on this tempo.
This poem is brought to you by DJ Shadow,
then cut the transmission,
leave them wanting more…

Then break for a second, Psych ’em out,
like a free throw, and let them know
you just getting warmed up and can go
for like an hour or more, so bring it home
with some laughter, like Viagra, Cialis,
say your’re strong like bull, bring in
a movie reference, say something corny.
Like I love you still, don’t ever go away from me,
you complete me, back to the movie synopsis.
Jerry Maguire, starred Tom Cruise, and Cuba Gooding Jr,
about a sports agent with nothing to lose
who meets a beauty who challenges him to grow,
look at his life, and see what is right,
and end credits, leave the movie alone.
‘Cause life is like a box of rockets.
That’s the lyrical upset, listening to Pre-Emptive Strike,
got the fingers typing like Hemingway, writing, in a French Café.

I could keep going, but the record comes to the end.
And that’s the way to get through writers block.
Make your hero not hold a gun, but have style with a stylo.

style with a pen.

The end.


Jason Wright is the editor and founder of Oddball Magazine. His column appears weekly. His third book, Train of Thought 2: Almost Home will be available in April 2021.