I feel like I am a failure
And failure tastes sour
Like yeast

I wonder am I happy
What is this mysterious glow
That hangs around my halo
And blinks stop and go

I am a disaster plan
You don’t want to ever be me
Reckless on the shores of Nevertown
I would cease to be if it wasn’t permanently

In a world of drunken rock stars
Where everyone is the same
Status symbol are just memories
That never will remain.

I live with an illness
And can not talk about it
While some shout to the roof tops
About me

I wish I was a degree away from you
But then I’d miss you
Your family.

But even in the trenches this shoulder has seen something different
My mind is fucked up with gods and devils
Playing for the present
To preside in my mind
With such prejudice

That neither light can shine
You think I’m lost you think I’m late
Your right I’ll never be on time

Suffer with me gentle friend
The day is turning stale
I drink to stop thinking

my life is a golden ale.

Where sour buds and stringent leaves
Have played a part so cold
I wish I could rewind to December days
Where I stay away
In some prisoner’s ward

I live a life that some can see
And think they’d rather laugh at it some more

I was born into this world
I wasn’t asked
What good is asking for.

The roads of life are enchanting
In a world where God is dead
Like Nietche said
The devils keeps on dancing.
And they dance swing steps inside my head

I sit awake this pile of garbage that rests inside my skin
I never meant for this to be so bad
I never wished for anything.

And on and on
The songbird sings
Yet no one is listening.


Jason Wright is the founder and Editor of Oddball Magazine. His column appears weekly.